Hello! My name is Tiffany June Le Gal. I am 36 years old, yet I’m a total kid at heart. I am originally from Melrose Park, Illinois but I have lived in Wyoming all my life. I moved to Laramie about four years ago with my fiancé Zak, so he could go back to school.  I grew restless and jealous so I quit my  day job, bought a new back-pack & now we walk to school together every day. (Aw…)

I am now a senior at the University of Wyoming studying Journalism. I am addicted to the news, weather and I love natural disasters. I plan to graduate in 2013 & pursue a career writing. I also hope to move to Colorado. I will celebrate graduation with my fiancé eloping in the Mediterranean. I enjoy traveling, Scrabble, movies and speaking in cartoon voices. I do have two children, a ten-year old Red Heeler named Brutus the Barber Beefcake and a three-year old kitten named Gaius Baltar.

I also work as a computer lab assistant for the Information Technology Department at school. The purpose of this blog is for class and to promote my media career. Please read my resume or check my profile at LinkedIn for further information.


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